About Me

My Background

My name is Wesley E. Heath, but most people call me Wes.  I was born in Dallas, Texas, but I was raised in the rural state of Indiana.  There I attended Manchester University (MU) where I earned a dual Bachelors degree in Sociology and Psychology.  For graduate school I attended Ball State University (BSU) and earned my Masters in Sociology.  I currently live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana working full-time at Louisiana State University (LSU) as the Assistant Director of Multicultural Affairs.  I am also a part-time PhD student at LSU pursuing my Doctorate in Higher Education Administration.


When I'm not at work, I love to travel.  Seeing new places, exploring cultures, and finding interesting getaways helps me develop personally and professionally.  One of my favorite places in the world is France.  I have studied the French language for over six years, and I have been to France three times.  I've also been on a road trip through the UK, and I've visited the second smallest country in the world, Monaco!

Sociology and Higher Education

  • Research. Sociology teaches good research practices.  D&I requires constant research in order to stay up-to-date on the constantly changing diverse world.  Not only is research an important tool for understanding new needs in the field, but it is also a powerful tool in assessing current programs and initiatives to see what is working and what needs improved.
  • Advocacy. Sociology teaches compassion and understanding of diversity through theories like symbolic interaction, which understands meaning, values, and beliefs as attributes to unique cultures.
  • Education. In order for a sociologist to convey the importance of diversity and inclusion to others, sociologists must be able to teach efficiently and effectively through programming, trainings, and in the classroom.


I can provide a variety of workshops and trainings to your organization or business.  You can select from a list of workshops that I have already created, or I can create something unique for you.  Follow the link below to find examples of past workshops and testimonials.

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(765) 425-9768

Curriculum Vitae

Wesley E. Heath (pdf)